NEED to disinfect your home OR office?

NEED to disinfect your home OR office?

NEED to disinfect your home OR office? NEED to disinfect your home OR office? NEED to disinfect your home OR office?

Mold abatement EXPERTS in Pompano Beach

$175 Full House Mold Inspection Pompano Beach, Florida

A full assessment of the home:
We are looking for not only mold but also water damage because mold requires water or moisture to grow.  
We use specialized equipment like moisture meters and/or infrared cameras to check for water damage in hidden places like behind walls.
Many research documents are available about health problems related to indoor mold and moisture.
If you believe that you or a family member or friend may have mold-related health problems, be on the safe side and call us.  It’s not worth risking your health

Keeping you feeling safe is our main concerns

Mold and Your Health


got mold? - Nasal and sinus congestion

Mold and moisture in your home or office may be responsible for your health problems. Modern building materials like wood, drywall, wallpaper, and fabric are appealing food sources for mold while building technologies such as synthetic stucco can leak and trap moisture inside.

GOT MOLD? Many people have allergies and are particularly sensitive to mold.

Got mold? - Allergies

GOT MOLD? Many people have allergies and are particularly sensitive to mold. Medical professionals can perform tests to determine if someone is reactive to certain types of mold. Mold can produce several symptoms for individuals, particularly the very young, elderly and those with compromised immune systems. mold inspection mold inspector mold testing Plantation Pompano Beach Fort Lauderdale


got mold? - Common Symptoms of Mold Exposure

  • Sinus and nasal problems
  • Respiratory problems, including difficulty breathing
  • Eye irritations
  • Sore throat
  • Skin rashes
  • Nagging cough
  • Problems with memory and concentration
  • Aches and pains in the body mold inspection mold inspector mold testing Plantation Pompano Beach Fort Lauderdale

Mold Removal - Mold Cleanup

Mold is a destructive and damaging fungus that can not only ruin your home but could put your health at risk. It is serious and should always be handled by a mold testing professional.  We can find hidden mold, measure the air quality in your home or business, and identify the types of mold in your home. 


Is mold covered by insurance?

Homeowners insurance covers mold damage if it was caused by a "covered peril." Otherwise, an insurance company will likely not cover mold damage. There are exceptions, which we will get into later in this article.

Home insurance policies usually don't cover mold that resulted from a preventable water leak, flooding, or high humidity.

Home insurance companies also typically don't pay for maintenance issues that insurers think a homeowner should have prevented. Insurers expect homeowners to proactively take care of those problems before they need to file an insurance claim.

Home insurance covers mold if a "covered peril" caused the mold. In that case, your home insurance policy will likely pay for repairs and clean-up.


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A-1 Quality Restoration provides all the information you need about choosing the right mold inspection. mold inspector mold testing Plantation Pompano Beach Fort Lauderdale





The mold inspection and mold remediation process is a balancing act of ensuring occupant health & safety and preserving the property value for the owner. mold inspector mold testing Plantation Pompano Beach Fort Lauderdale





If we’ve done our job correctly, you’ll never need to call us again. We believe every aspect of a mold inspection must work toward a permanent resolution.

Water damage cleanup - POMPANO BEACH Florida

Mold can grow after water damage within 48 hours

Within hours of your call, you can expect one of our professional technicians at your door ready to help. We can help settle your claims with your insurance company directly, and our experts do exceptional work with flood damage, water cleanup, and water damage repair.

Water Damage Restoration Services:

  • Water damage cleanup 
  • Water damage repairs 
  • Water damage restoration
  • Emergency restoration service
  • Pipe burst cleanup 
  • Flood water extraction 
  • Flood damage cleanup 
  • Flooded basement restoration 

Mold Detection Florida

House Mold Inspector - Mold specialists POMPANO BEACH

Mold not only damage the floors, ceiling, and walls but,  it contaminates the air. When the house is attacked by mold you will smell peculiar odor inside your home. You will have poor air quality, and staleness of air will evidently be felt. Our mold specialists conduct home environment testing and determine the best possible way out. We eradicate mold completely and help you have maintained air quality. Our house mold inspectors are proficient and dedicated to serving you. We remove mold and secure the structure of your home. Let us provide you with regular mold inspection, and increase the life of your home. 

flood restoration company pompano beach

Custom Service You Can Trust

Our technicians will make sure that you understand every step we take at every part of the process. Before starting, we will develop a plan that will suit your needs and seek your approval before doing anything to your home. Our goal is to make sure you are fully informed throughout the entire restoration process.

water and mold removal company Pompano Beach

Water Damage cleanup & Mold removal Services

There are many companies that proffer mold removal services however it is a challenge to find an affordable one. Moreover, mold removing contractors do not use apt methods to remove this menace. Nonetheless, our mold removal cost is quite cheap. Our rates and pricing strategy are customer-centric. Let us make your home atmosphere better by removing the mold. Mold plays a major part in deteriorating the walls, ceilings, and floors. It spreads slowly but leaves long-lasting effects. Thereby, we put an end to the growth of mold. Get our Mold Removal Services in Palm Beach County, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Tamarac, Margate, Parkland & Other Cities of Florida. mold inspection mold inspector mold testing Plantation Pompano Beach Fort Lauderdale

Pompano Beach mold cleanup services


Do you need mold cleanup services in Pompano Beach FL? If yes, then come up to us because we have a solution to this issue. We use eco-friendly methods to clean up the mold from your homes and offices. You will get a much better air quality inside your homes and we are proud to stand among the best mold cleanup companies in town. If you are about to sell your home and there is mold growing inside then hire us. We will help you in getting the right amount for your property.  Get our Mold Cleanup Services in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood & Other Cities of Florida.

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mold inspection services POMPANO BEACH

  • No overstating mold problems
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  • No hassles
  • 100% focus on mold and water damage
  • Licensed, certified, insured
  • Thousands of jobs worth of experience

Headache, dizziness, nausea, eye, nose or throat irritation, dry cough, dry or itching skin, difficulty in concentration, fatigue, sensitivity to odors, hoarseness of voice, allergies, colds, flu-like symptoms, increased incidence of asthma attacks and personality changes.

There can be many factors related to sick building symptoms other than mold, and the cause of it is unknown, however, if you constantly feel sicker at home and suspect a possible mold problem, you may want to test your home for that possibility.   

If you an unsure whether or not your home is infested with mold, or if you are purchasing a home and want to make sure you are not buying a mold headache to deal with, it may be a great idea to test your home for mold by hiring a professional to inspect and test your home.


Our mold inspection flexible service, including weekends and some public holidays.

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